What we offer is totally up to date, refreshed, relevant classes held at scheduled times which have other students present from all over the world who can support one another and we can too via our AI bot - Morpheus and also real Course experts. We educate hundreds of thousands of students each month and by operating in this way we are single-handedly bringing down the cost of education globally. Our mission is higher education at a lower cost.


From time to time one of the following things might happen:

  •         We have never come across the question before and our AI doesn’t know

  •         No other students know the answer either

In either case you can send your questions to the course experts and they will not only answer you but feed this information into our AI thereby making it smarter. The more students that do this the better so we all have a responsibility to do so. 

If you have any query, contact us by clicking on the “New Support Ticket” option shown above