Each Professional Diploma course has four modules. 

Each module is approximately 4 weeks and is made of 8 classes. (Classes in Module 1 can be explored during the free trial).

We want to provide an environment similar to a real-life class experience where you attend 2 classes a week at a specific time, similarly to what walk-in institutions provide.

Our aim though is to improve that, with flexibility and convenience within any timelines our students are comfortable committing to.

Everybody can:

  • Pick when to attend your classes, pick your day in the week and time when your class begins,
  • If it does not work due to other engagements coming up? Change one of your classes,
  • New work or new schedule in life? Change all future classes,
  • Feel like you missed out too much or want to start from scratch? Restart your course

The test knowledge as the classes progress all students have access to the following:

  • Weekly assessments to complete after every 2 classes & a final exam at the end of each module.
  • The weekly assessment consists of 20 questions & a Final assignment consists of 50 questions.
  • It will then be submitted and graded instantly online
  • You will receive your qualification immediately via email if you pass with 50% or higher,

You can attend from just about any type of device, it gets more comfortable and clearer though with larger screens.

There is also an option to re-watch the recordings in your student area.