Some users have trouble streaming webinars and/or issues viewing class recordings. This may be a simple issue with your web browser. Try loading the video on different web browsers, for example, Chrome/ Firefox/ Safari, etc.

This is a step process to follow until the issue is resolved so do them one at a time. Most are resolved within the first one or two steps thankfully:

* Clear your cookies, cache in your web browser, and try.
* Try refreshing the Class page.
* Change your Web browser language to **English**
* Try using a different system/device.

* If "Vimeo" player is not allowed in your country/location, try installing a VPN

If you are using the app on your device please do try re-installing the app or update the app to the latest version.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact our dedicated Customer Support Team by clicking on the “New Support Ticket” option shown above with device information like Version of the Web browser along with Operating System details.